November 2016

Mine Brook Farm Living in Harmony with Nature

Our vision for Mine Brook Farm was to create an agriculturally and ecologically inspired community that exists in harmony with nature, not against it. Our goal was to carry this vision out from the grounds outside, to the materials and design elements inside the homes themselves.

News of this forward thinking vision is spreading. I was recently contacted by a nationally syndicated television program to discuss the benefits of cultivated meadows, the use of native plants in landscaping - elements incorporated at Mine Brook Farm .



March 2016

Buyers Respond to “Fresh & New” 

When the doors opened this winter at the model home in the new Mine Brook Farm residential community in BernardsTownship, listing agents at Turpin Real Estate deemed the event remarkable for the crowds it drew. “We were thrilled that we attracted more than 30 families to each of the first two Sunday events,” noted Realtor Molly Tonero. Nadine Coffey, also with Turpin, said that the “clean lines and flexible floor plan” of the model seemed to appeal to a wide variety of age groups and family sizes. “The transitional décor and noteworthy finishes are hitting the mark with visitors,” Molly added, “as are the plans for a community barn for apple pressing and hosting parties, and a maintained vegetable garden for exclusive use by the residents.” 

January 2016

Come Home to A Healthy Lifestyle 

Mine Brook Farm is a thoughtfully designed community created for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle and stayconnected to the environment that surrounds them. Listen to Mine Brook Farm’s interior designer Anastasia Harrison and developer Anthony Sblendorio who share some of the thinking behind this conservation-inspired neighborhood here. Learn more and watch the full interview here. 

December 2015

No More McMansions, Please 

Several years ago, a small, talented team of builders, architects and designers approached officials in Bernards Township with a plan to develop a prime piece of farmland — and to do sowith less negative impact on the environment than the current zoning allowed. This approach to thoughtful, sustainable building has become known as conservation development — the antidote to overdevelopment and McMansion syndrome. At Mine Brook Farm, small clusters of luxury homes are nestled into the existing orchard and meadow landscape, preserving critical wildlife habitat while providing homeowners with expansive views. Residents of this exclusive community may fish in the pond which also provides effective storm water drainage. They’ll enjoy cooking with herbs and vegetables grown in the tended organic garden beds. They’ll have access to local honey harvested from the bees that pollinate their native meadow plants.

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